Canada Trip 2009 - Edmonton

Saterday & Sunday, March 28th & 29th 2009

We spent the weekend with Grandma & Grandpa Tolman, and of course, Alaina! AJ loves hanging out with his aunt Alaina, she is always such a big help to me because she loves playing with AJ and is great at helping take care of him.

After a delicious pancake breakfast with all the fixing we made our way to West Edmonton Mall. It was so busy, I can't believe we went there on the first Saturday of spring brake! We wandered around a bit while the boys when to the shooting range, grabbed some lunch, and then went to Galaxy land so the Aaron could take AJ on the free kid rides. One again no pictures, but it was so cute so see AJ ridding the Train, bouncing along on the merry-go-round, or pretending to rive the tractor as he went round and round. He didn't get scared on any of the rides but seemed to be done after these three, which was good because I don't know how much more Alaina could take of watching all the rides and not being on them! She did really good though and was happy to let AJ have a little fun before heading home.

That night we ordered pizza and played at home, after all our traveling AJ was in heaven just running and playing at home.

Fast and Testimony meeting was great and AJ went to nursery with out any problem. It's nice to know that even at another ward he is comfortable going to nursery without needing Mom or Dad. We also had a fantastic lesson on communication in our marriages. I always love these lessons because it helps you to appreciate your spouse more and re-evaluate how you treat them on a day to day base. I love Aaron so much and want to make sure that I communicate that to him each and every day, LOVE YA POY!

Dad Grilled steak on the BBQ, while Cindy made potato's, fruit salad, buns, broccoli, punch, and everything else you can imagine to go with it. It was delicious! I love braking my fast with such a great meal it always puts me in the perfect frame of mind for a little nap. After a little rest we dove right into Cindy's home made Blueberry Banana Cheese Cake, WOW! This was my first time experiencing it and I knew from the first bit that this was a recipe I was going to need, yummy!

All thought there is still plenty of snow on the ground it was a nice sunny day so we went for a walk to get some fresh Air. The kids played outside for a while while we played 10 000 (the funnest dice game you will ever play!) It was a very relaxing Sunday which is just what we needed.

Monday March 30th 2009

Pack it up we are heading south again. Today we planned on driving to Calgary and visiting our siblings. We got a bit of a late start but we able to meet up with Levi and Dylan for Lunch at 12:30.

Levi works at a Burger King with a play place so we decided it would be the perfect place to let AJ stretch his legs while we visited with the boys. However this particular play place was not really designed for kids as little as AJ which meant he was going to need a little help. I was laughing so hard as I watched Aaron squeeze into all the little pipes and tubes to help his little man reach the tallest slide. Together they came sliding out the bottom with static hair and wide grins, what a good Dad my husband is!

Dylan and Levi both seem so be doing well, nothing to new or exciting just working and thinking about what they want to do in school. The love living together and get along really well which is nice since Dylan was raised alone with no live in siblings. We were never really close growing up because we didn't see much of each other but he defiantly feels like part of the family now.

I do miss the days when we all lived at home and Levi and I were so close. He would do whatever I said because he thought I was the coolest and wanted to be like me but those day are long past. I am sure he would be the first to tell you that I still love to try and tell him what to do with his life and how he can best find happiness (live the Gospel teachings!) LOL, I'm glad that he take it all in stride and knows that I love him and just want him to be happy.

We were planning in stopping in a Chelsie's but it was getting late and we had dinner plans with the Derricotts for 5:00 so we thought we would just hit the road and call he from Home to tell he we ran out of time. We had already seen them on Wednesday for dinner so we both thought it would be fine. . . .

Dinner with the Derricotts was lot's of fun. I couldn't believe how big the girls were and how much they look alike! There is no mistake, those are Derricott kids, lol. Dinner was potato soup, pasta salad, and garlic toast followed by ice cream Sundays. Have any of you started adding up all our sugar/calorie intake for the trip yet!?!? We were well feed!

Catching up and hanging out with Mike and Brit was like old times. We have been blessed with great friends and going home reminded us of all the love and support we have back home. Thanks to everyone for making time for us and taking care of our hungry bellies.


Kels said...

i think i also need that cheesecake recipe. . .
also, you fast while you are pregnant? wow. i could never go more than a couple of hours without eating. you are amazing!!!

Caylee Secretan said...

I need that whole dinner and cheesecake!! Yeah, what is up with fasting while preggie??

Aaron & Lacey said...

I don't fast while I am pregnant but I limit what I eat during my fast. I think that it is still important to make a sacrifice and show the Lord that I am greatful for being pregnant. I usually try to do plain toast and milk for brakefast and then something light and simple for lunch. Nothing major and nothing I am craving or totally in love with, just what the baby needs to keep us going. It may sound silly but I feel like it's enough to show the Lord my gratitude.