Parents Weekend!

On Thursday afternoon my parents arrived in Portland, Yippie!!!! This is the first time Mom has been here and the first real trip down for Dad. He drove down in December to help Dust & Lyndz move, but it was one of the quickest and sickest trips ever!

To start things off right we had everyone over for AJ's birthday dinner. His birthday was on Monday but we saved the family dinner for when Grandma and Grandpa could be here. I think he is under the impression that Birthdays are a week long celebration, and why not!

We had a spaghetti dinner when the boys got home and then, AJ's favorite part, sang happy birthday and blew out the candles. I was going for strawberry shot cake, which I decided to ice in whip cream...... So there it is. Stop judging me and move on, we can't all make Fancy little car cakes and ladybug cup cakes! Ha ha ha.

We decided to save presents for tonight as well. It's fun for the Grandparents to see AJ open some gifts and be here for him to thank. He LOVES his new truck, movies, and books. He also got a pack of air plane stickers with his movie and bubbles from Dust & Lyndz and couldn't seem to get enough! He carries them all over the place and points out the planes, jets, and helicopters to you. He is such a funny little guy.

The next day Grandpa & Grandma also got him some Hot Wheeles and a case to put them in, which he is obsessed with! I swear he could sit and line those cars up for hours. He will literally sit on the floor and line them all up, then take them one by one and line them up on the couch, and then back to the floor. I will try to get it on video, it's too cute.


Kinsey said...

Fun pictures! Oh- and your cake looks delicious! Thanks again for having us over for AJ's birthday. We had a great time. AJ will have to come over and play trains soon!

Kels said...

How nice of your parents to drive down! I'm glad you had a fun time and AJ got spoiled. What a week-long extravaganza-- I love it. I also think your cake looks scrumptious. Nice job. I would have gladly eaten a piece. . . or two.

lynz said...

i love the last picture of aj - totally showing his teeth and loving his 2nd birthday celebration! every day should be a birthday for that kids :)