Two year old New born?

April 6th 2009, I just can't believe it has already been two years since my handsome baby boy was born! It has gone by so fast I have a hard time remembering all the little details.

After finding out we were pregnant I just couldn't stop smiling. Aaron and I were so excited to be parents and couldn't wait to meet out first baby. We decided not to find out what we were having but I always thought it was a boy. AJ just gave me that feeling from the very beginning.

Labour wasn't long but it was lots of hard work and at 8:31PM I was so relived to finally hear them say, "It's a beautiful, healthy baby boy!" I wasn't surprised I knew it was a boy, Aaron on the other hand was pleasantly surprised to meet his SON!

Everyone was so excited to meet him, all the grandparents and new Aunts and Uncles who live within 30 minutes came to see him on his very first birthday. I don't remember a lot of the details (I was a little out of it) but I do remember feeling happier than I ever had before and chalk full of love for Aaron and our new Baby.

Over the past two years AJ has changed so much, he is defiantly Aaron's boy! I know I am a little bias but from early on he's been a pretty laid back little man, and an almost perfect child. Don't get me wrong all the ups came with some pretty big downs but nothing we couldn't bounce right back from. Although he has his bouts of energy he like to sit back and watch the world around him, taking it all in and processing. Big groups usually make he shy but when he is with his friends he let's it all come out and is actually a little comedian.

Honestly it has all gone by way to fast! I can't be live my tiny little new born is already two years old. Here are a few of my favorite thing AJ dose right now:

1. AJ never answers a question with out saying "know" which means "I don't know" before actually answering.
"AJ, Who's coming over to play this morning?"
"Know? Beckam and Lyndz!"

2. He always puts his hands on your check to hold your face when he give you a smooch

3. His favorite song to listen to is ABBA's "Honey, Honey" and actually sings along to it in the car. As soon as it's over he says "Lyndz, honey honey again!" She has the CD in her truck.

4. He knows all the different vehicles he sees on and off the road and shouts them out as we drive along. (Truck, tanker, tractor, back-hoe, bus, train, car, van, Etc.)

6. He is obsessed with Mini-Wheat's and Broccoli.

7. He loves swimming and bath time. Right now his favorite thing is picking out what color to make the bath water each night. I give him ever option but each night he picks the same, 2 drops blue & 2 drops green! (at least it's not pink right!?!)

8. Just this past week he has started telling me when it is nap time (when he's done lunch) or bed time (after his bath.) Then he gets his blanket and goes and crawls into bed and calls me for prayers. It is so cute that he just dose it on his own but I kind of miss snuggling him up with his blanket and caring him down the hall. Pathetic I know!

AJ has filled our hearts with more love than we knew we could ever feel and we can't imagine our lives with out him. We love you so much AJ, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


lynz said...

happy birthday to my most very favorite nephew! those 8 little things you love about him made me smile so big, and i just love that little guy :) can't believe he's already 2!!!

Joshua and Joy said...

Happy Birthday to AJ! He's such a cutie.

Nicole Wagner said...

The 2nd and third pics are my favs!!! He's so cute!!
he is a GOOD little boy:) I hope your next one gives you a run for your money! LOL..that's what happened to me. haha!!!
Happy birthday AJ!! we love you

The Evansons' said...

Happy Belated AJ! So remember when you were up here in Canada and told me about the food coloring in the bathtub trick, anyways I decided to use it, and it's been a HIT at the Evanson household. Miss ya!