7 months Pregnant.

I totally missed my 6 month pregnancey pictures as life flew by but I have managed to snap a few of my 7 month pregnant belly. I am felling reasonable well, lot's of heart burn, a little carpultunnel, and of course the back pain but everything so far has been pretty easy to handle.

Over the past week or so I have really started to feel this baby move and shake! Dr. Drake says that the baby has been in head down possision for my last two visits which is great and I honnestly don't think that the baby has changed actual possition much but that dosen't mean it's not moving! Weather it's wedging it's feet in between my ribs, marching on my stomic, or practicing jabs on my bladder we have a very active little on!

I am starting to get pretty excited about having another little baby to love and care for. I know that it will be a lot of work and that there will be days I just have to sit and have a cry but I know that it will be great! AJ is such a big help with Becks and loves babies, I think that he will be a great big brother. Not only do I have a pretty good little boy but I have an amazing husband who will be right here with me to weather it all.

I am feeling like this baby will be another boy but we would be more than happy to have a little girl. I just can't wait ot meet them! We are thinking up names but haven't settled on anything yet, so if you have any sugestions that you wouldn't mind sharing we would LOVE to hear em'!


The Evansons' said...

Lacey you are beautiful! I'm not as brave as you and NEVER get my picture taken whilst preggo. I'm starting to regret hiding behind the camera!! I love the pic of AJ squishing your belly button...... he's like, "isn't this supposed to go the other way?!"

lynz said...

haha if emily only knew what aj was saying when he was pushing your belly button! toot toot! you look awesome, and i can't wait to take some more with your new hair :)