Birthday Party

On AJ's birthday we went out to the Clackamus mall to let the kids play and ten had everyone back here for a pancake lunch. This is basically AJ's favorite meal so I thought it would be a good choice, plus most kids love pancakes! After that we let the kids decorate their own cupcakes with gummy bears, runts, and smarties. It was so much fun and everyone has a great time. I am not sure how all the moms felt about me sugaring up their kids right before nap time but I thought it was great, lol. . Everyone sang to AJ but we forgot to tape it so we did it again and he was so excited about it! He loved the attention and when everyone clapped after he blew out the candles, he kept whispering in my ear, "Mama, AJ's friends sing again please." it was too cute.

Last of all presents. I am not sure why but I wasn't thinking that there would be presents at a two year olds party, but there where and boy was AJ excited! He got some finger pains, stickers, PJ's, a new truck, and Bubbles! He was in heaven and still can't get over all his new treasures. He was really good to say thank-you and give hugs but I would just like to say again to everyone who came, Thanks for making AJ's birthday so great! We loved having everyone over and all the kids played so great together. Love ya guys


lynz said...

awww! what a good bday your boy had :) and really...pancakes and cupcakes - what better bday food is there?1?

MotherBeck said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Happy Birthday AJ!

Nicole Wagner said...

slow down! i'm super duper behind!
the par-tay was fun! my favorite part was eating the cupcakes. mmmmmmmmm