Canada Trip 2009 - April Fools Baby

Tuesday March 31st 2009

So Tuesday was a long and emotional day but it all ended on a good note. We decided to meet up at cheesecake for dinner with Aaron's parents as well as mine. It was a little later than AJ is use to but by this point in the trip we had basically thrown out is bed time out the window!

One of the things I love most about our families is that they blend so well together. My Parents love the Poytress's and vice verse which makes nights like this so fun. We had a great meal, great company, and the parents picked up the bill, who could ask for more! lol.

AJ also started to sort out his Grandma & Grandpa's this trip. He has so many I think he was starting to thing any one who wasn't Dad, Uncles, or Friends Dad's, was another Grandpa. All the Grandma's are just Grandma but the Grandpas seem to be lining up as such:

Great Grandpa - Grandpa Dick
Big Great Grandpa - Grandpa Chuck
Grandpa - My Dad, Darren
Papa - Aaron's Dad
Grandpa Alaina - My Dad, Steele

Ha ha, it is funny the way he sorts them all out but at least know we know who he is talking about.

Wednesday April 1st 2009

Today we meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Poytress for lunch at Chopstix. We hadn't seem anyone from the Poytress family and were happy tp see that Lynn, Gary, and Karen where able to join us to.

After lunch we said good-bye to the Knights and went back to Grandma and Grandpas house for an afternoon of Yahtzee and Phase 10 dice. We tried to put AJ down for a nap but he wasn't having it. Grandpa brought him up a little tub of toys and he played happily on his own while I showed the others just how these games are played. Ha ha, it was lots of fun to spend the afternoon with them and it made me realize how sad I am that we didn't do it more often when we live in Lethbridge.
3:45 time to go! Today was AJ's first official hair cut. We have shaved his head 5 or 6 times over the pst two years but I just didn't want to go that short again. They have this new place in Lethbridge just for kids so off we went.
The kids can chose where they sit so we brought AJ in and put him right into the Red and Black Quad. He loves trucks and tractors so it seemed like the obvious choice, however trucks and tractors are not the only things he loves. AJ has a lot of girl friends and spends most of his time playing with the girls and there for girl toys. It's not a big deal but he has become especially fond of all things pink and that is why he insisted on sitting in the Pink and purple Jeep. Aaron wants me to make sure that you all know it was a Jeep which is manly so. . .Ya.
There it is, the look of longing. As soon as he saw the Jeep there was no turning back.

Things started out fine. . .
And then went down hill.
By this point he had admitted defeat but was sure to let us know that he was not impressed.

In the end it was all worth ir though, Look how handsome!

No April fools joke for us toady but there is one very important thing that we like to do every April's fool day, Celebrate Grandma Sandras Birthday!! This year Mom decided to invite the family over for some desserts around 6:30. It was nothing major just delicious treats and a relaxing night with the Nelson Family.

Grandma Sandra has some of AJ's favorit toys and so far in life it seems to be the thing he remembers most about her but as he grows I think that will chang. Not only is Grandma hard working, she is constantly volentering and getting involved in the community. He willingness to help other and her generosity are characteristics that I am sure one day will stand out to my children more than her awsome toy collection. Happy Birthday again Grandma, we love you!

You'll never belive this but I actually remembered to take a picture!


Nicole Wagner said...

Steve and I are DYING laughing! the Pink Jeep. Of course..the pink crocks, the girly toys...it all comes together:)
I love AJ!!

lynz said...

haha - love the hair cut pictures and love that you got to them in your blogging quest! looks like it wasn't so much his favorite thing to do but sooo handsome now :)