Rhododendron Gardens

The last two months have been record setting for the amount of rain fall in Portland, not a record we have enjoyed setting. After a week of beautiful sunshine, the clouds rolled in and decided to stay, HO HUM! We can only stay indoors for so long and finally decided to make a trip to the Rhododendron gardens. It was over cast and raining on and off but we had a good time and were able to enjoy the fresh air.

There are so many beautiful Rhododendrons and other plants, the place is picture perfect and the pictures are only improved by my cute little boys.
Not only is this garden home to some beautiful plants but is also home to hundreds of ducks, geese, and other little birds. Here's Lynz and Becks trying to get a closer look at one of the duckies before he flew away.I love this picture of the boys checking out the floating
ducks from the bridge. They could have stayed there all day, if the rain didn't start pouring down!
A little later on we came across this big old Goose, and boy was he mean. I was so freaked out I backed into the bushes with Age and started snapping pictures while Lynz tried to fend of the hissing goose, push the stroller, and hold Beckams hand. LOL! I am such a wuss, but seriously look how big he is compared to the Canadian geese next to him!
I LOVE THESE BOYS!!! They make my life so much better, even the tough days are so worth it when I think of what my life would be like without them, LOVE!!!!!!!Lynz and Becks, I am not sure how she feels about this picture but I think she looks BEAUTIFUL and I love that you can practically hear him laughing when you look at his cute little face.I have to say the highlight of the trip was these cute little duckies, they are so fun to watch swimming and playing in the water. Too cute!


Holly Lujan said...

I always LOVE seeing the baby duckies! They are so sweet! I can't believe we never made it to the Rhody garden this year, oh well, next year.

lynz said...

love love love that place! our boys really do make it cuter too :)

Linds said...

I love the Rhododendron Gardens. Every time I read your blog, I miss Portland SO much. Ok, maybe not the rain, but I do miss it. If you ever need to warm up, you are always welcome down here. We have a surplus of sun.

Gillett Family said...

Yes! What a Great day and Super cute pic's! BUT...You forgot one very important picture! the one where you Sat in Bird Poo! LOL I have it if you want to add it ;)