A day of Love!

I know that Valentines day in not a Major holiday but I love making a big deal out of anything I can because I think it makes the boys childhood that much funner. This year they found fun little treats on their beds after a morning wrestle with Dad.

After that we invited Beckam down for pink pancakes and some decorating. I swear these boys could have taped paper hearts to the window all day long, they loved it!

We also had a few of our little friends over to enjoy the valentines day fun. We baked up some delicious sugar cookies, got out some tasty decorations, and let the kids go to town. I don't think anyone was very successful with their afternoon naps after all that sugar.

After making up some valentine collectors the kids got to pass out their valantines. It was so cute to see them all wandering around putting things in each box while keeping and eye on what was being placed in their own.

It was a great day full of sugar, friends, and lots of love! The boys were so tuckered out that they headed to bed half hour early at 6:00 which gave me plenty of time to whip up Aarons favorite dinner before he got home at 7:15. We usually don't do much for this holiday as a couple but I thought it might be nice to share a nice sit down meal just the two of us. This is as fancy as it gets when your students, ha ha ha!Oh, I also tried out this new cheese and herb biscut recipe, AMAZING!!!!

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