So Proud!

After much research, fasting, and praying Dustin and Lyndsey decided that Chiropractics wasn't the right path for them. Although they both still support and agree with Chiropractics Dustin just came to the realization that he would find more satisfaction in his career as a family doctor or perhaps a pediatrician. It was not an easy decision, one year from graduation or 6 more years of school but they new it was right and were soon announcing that he had been accepted into Sint Eustacia's school of medicine. They leave in a month.....WOW!

I am so proud of Dustin for following his dreams and being accepted into Med school. I know that he is going to make an amazing MD and help a lot of people through out his career. It is not easy to leave your Chiropractic education to start over in medicine but he did it. He is not a quitter he his being true to himself and his family and I couldn't be more excited for him and his family as they start out on this new and wonderful adventure.

It was very fast and all though we were all so happy for them I will admit I was a little sad to realize that I would soon be losing my partner in crime. We spent the month celebrating, eating out, hitting up all our favorite Portland hot spots, and sucking up every minute we could together.

Here's the boys in their last Portland tub time together:

Last movie night for little Becks and Madds with all their friends:

Last Sunday night dinner:

Last trip to Red Robins together:

Last photo shoot with the four boys: (Michelle Cervo)

Last wrestle with the boys and Uncle Dust:

We are going to miss you guys so much Thank goodness we have so many wonderful memories to keep us company as the Poyterman family comes to and end. Love you guys!


lynz said...

too many lasts for me :( so sad. on the other hand.....that means we made many a memories and created lots of firsts while we shared our portland time together, and i'm so thankful for that! couldn't have asked for more with the bestest partner in crime ever for the last 2 years!

Linds said...

I was just about to say that Lyndz, too many lasts!! So sad. We are in the same boat. Jared has decided Chiro. is not for him either. Just wish we would have realized it as soon as they did.