I don't care if saying BFF's is so high school because that really is the best way I can think to describe what me and Lynz are. Just over two year ago Dustin, Lyndz, and tiny baby Beckam moved down to Portland so Dustin could attend Chiropractic school. At that time they lived about 5 doors down which meant a good 20-30 second walk every time we wanted to see each other, which seemed fine at the time.

Of course we started hanging out a little more each day until we reached teh point that we would just get up and call each other to figure out what WE would be doing that day. I can't really remember ever being like, "hey what are you doing today?" what she did I did and what I did she did. We would grocery shop together, swim together, have pancakes, go to the Zoo, Jamison park, walks, dinners, TV watching, trying new treats, borrowing ingredients (for recipes and life!), check the mail, WIC appointments, trips to the hospital, Girls nights, toenail painting, popcorn eating, Lunch dates, we did it all together!

Our friends considered us a packaged deal, we would get so many phone call saying, "hey what are you guys up to today?" which some people might think meant me and my boys but I always knew they meant me and Lynz. People in the ward would always get us mixed up and call us the wrong names or think we where married to the others spouse. (more disturbing for me seeing as Dustin is my BROTHER! ha ha ha)Just last week at church a sister came up and asked when we would be leaving for the island, which is so funny since the Tolmans have been gone for over a month now!

A few of our other traditions included Tuesday night dinners with the Wagners, Sunday dinners with the Lujans, Monday night girls night to watch Bachelor(ett) or dancing with the stars, and birthday party planning. We did our best to make our friends birthdays a big deal and make them feel special and loved on their big day (or at least some day close to it!)

After about 6 months the people living under us decided to move out and we decided that the Tolmans should move right underneath us since 5 doors down was just too far! It was one of the best decisions they ever made and of course we got even that much closer after the move. With almost anyone else this would simply be to much, honestly who wants to see another person that much???? WE DO!!!! We had a no knock just walk policy and our door sometimes seem to never close. Not only were me and Lynz back and forth all day but so where the boys. They would play upstairs and downstairs and then go out to blow bubbles or ride bikes. They loved it as much as we did.

Call me a liar if you want but I can seriously say that Lynz and I never had a fight, we could spend day after day in each others company and never piss each other off or need a break. We both had our days or moments but we could read each others moods so easy and we both always new when the other needed a nap, a lunch date, some time alone, a dinner invite, a special treat brought over, a brake from the kids, or an hour to vent. We were there to help each other out in whatever way was needed and our relationship just seemed to work.

With our husbands gone to school 12 hours and day and putting in a lot of study time as well we learned to lean on each other and find the streng we needed to get threw the long tuff days with out our husbands together. Lots of our friends would tell us how its just so hard to be alone with the kids all day but me and Lynz never had it quite as bad. Sure we still had to do bedtimes alone and sometimes we had long ruff days but we could always just run down the stairs, give a little screech of frustration and then head back to our life. It was still hard but having some one to complain to or laugh about it with REALLY helped.

We saw a lot of friends move away and picked up a few new ones with each new wave of students that came in. We welcomed Miles and then Maddox, gained and lost about 100lbs between the two of us over the two years, drove thousands of miles together, endured the train, faced highs and lows, and we did it all together!

Lynz is my BFF. I love her to death. She is so thoughtful, non judgemental, and of courses the best friend a girls could ever have. I have been living in her old apartment for just over a month, hosting girls night, and living my day to day life with out her and I gotta say, it's not my favorite. I am not use to being alone so much and I miss having my partner in crime anytime anywhere. I still cry about it, maybe because I am pregnant, but it really was a great two years and I will never forget the times we shared. I miss the boys and Dustin too but nothing compares to losing your best friend. Thanks for everything Lynz, you made Portland one of the greatest adventures of my life. Love!

Here are a few pictures from the surprise fairwell weekend I planned for Lynz before she left, so much fun but so sad:


Nicole Wagner said...

It is so hard. I remember when my BFF Katie moved. we did everything together too....we were togethter pretty much every day, worked together, went to church together....it was REALLY hard. and no one can ever fill that void, but the Lord did provide more wonderful friends for me....like YOU!:):) He is never far to listen to our lonesome cries and broken hearts. I love you Lace and thank Goodness Lynds is in your family FOREVER! this short break will go by fast and you'll be together again. You can cry to me tonight on our date if you like:) I love you! xo

lynz said...

yay - it worked! and yay for bff's and everything portland was for us! we really are bff's forever and ever, and i love you more and more every day :) thank you sooo much for this post and for being the bestest friend a girl could ask for!

kelsey said...

Aw, I wish you were my neighbor, Lace. It makes me sad that we are growing up and being moms and are so far away! You are such a great example to me and are so caring and selfless. Lindsey was lucky to have you, and it makes me sad for both of you to be so far apart.