Stayin' in Stirling

The boys always love going to Grandpa Zoe and Grandma Moje's house, what's better then living with the puppies for a week???? They love following Gus around the house and going out to visit zoe in the back yard.

Miles learned to walk up and down the stairs and despite the mild heart attack he gave Grandpa he never even fell once. He could walk up and down the stairs all day long and be as happy as a pig in mud.

AJ re-discovered some of his favorite movies that we only watch at Grandmas and his love of working side by side with Grandpa. They spent a lot of time out in the garage working on whatever. lol.

Since it was just one week till AJ birthday Grandma decided to throw him a little birthday party with all the grandkids. First we made a 4 layer birthday cake which AJ and Grandma spend a good deal of time perfecting.

Miles and I found our own way to pass the time: no shame Then it was on to the Party!!!!! We started out with a dance party, took a few minutes for everyone to relax but eventually we had a really great party goin' on.Please make sure to take a closer look at Grandmas Dance Face, FAB-U-LOS!

Whats a party with out bloweres?

for dinner was home made Mac and Cheese and AJ request. Usually he wants Taco's since tehy are his favorit food, but he told grandma that it had to be Mac and Cheese today. It turned out great and the kids scarfed it right up! (actually we all did!) Now the moment you have all been waiting for....the pinata! I loved Em's softer approch to the game. I think she loved the little three horns to much! Thanks for letting us use your wooden spoon Grandma! (this is normaly her spanking spoon for the grand kids, Yikes! ha ha ha, just kidding!)
The boys on the other hand went at it full force!what'cha doing back there grandma?

It jsut didn't seem like that was enough sugar for these tiny tikes so we took them back to the table and loaded them up with that 4 layer cake from earlier in the day. Good-bye early bed times! ha ha ha.

Where the heck is Poy????? Oh there he is! Enjoying his cake in the other room with his back to the madness, that's my boy!

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lynz said...

awwww - miss you guys!!! such a fun bday party :)