Time in Fort Mac

We had a great trip to Canada and the timing couldn't have been more perfect! Chelsea and the girls ended up having spring break at the same time as us and so they came and spent the week in Fort Macleod, HURRAY! It was like a second Christmas, kind of.

Chelsie brought some awesome new recipe books with way to many sweet treats to try out as well as a few new meals. It was a wonderful week of food, food, AND MORE FOOD! I think my favorite was the cheese buns and blueberry lemon pound cake, ummmm!!!!!

We played, watched movies, swam, and got a semi-nice day and headed out for a little wienie roast down by the river. It was a little chilly and we were definitely short on dogs (thats why you don't send me to get the groceries!) but it was so fun! I believe this was our boys first river bottom dinner and they really liked it.

Miles also found some mud in the back yard one afternoon and ended up getting a bath in Papa's sink. I seriously love these pictures!

This is my very favorite, I just love the lighting and it seems like a old picture that you might find of youself as a kid.I also love these pictures of AJ. He LOVES collecting rocks, he has ever since he was able to walk. He use to fill his pockets with rocks while we walked around the neighbourhood and then add them to his rock pile as soon as we got home. Thr reason I love this so much is because he is not the only one in the family with this particular habit, Grandma Poytress also pickes up rock where ever she gose. The river bottom, waterton, hawiia, new zeland, BC, saint George, you name any place she's been and I'll bet she's got a rock form there.
Oh yeah one more thing. Miles was making me a little nervous on the top bunk with out a big rail but he kept getting out of the bottom so......we fenced him in! ha ha ha, are we bad parents??? It was for his own safty!

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