So I have yet to officially post about my pregnancy, which is craziness! After much discussion and prayer Aaron and I decided it was time to make another little addition to the family. I have always wanted to have another little American so Miles wasn't the only one in the family and I LOVED my doctor and hospital experience down here.

We got pregnant right away and made the big announcement at Christmas even though I was only like 7 weeks pregnant! We were so excited and as time went by I felt more and more sure that this baby was going to be a girl! I was sicker than I had been with either boy and having more headaches than I had with them. AJ started referring to the baby as, "baby sparkle" and I even bought a few cute little onsies.

I was a little nervous that the boys and me might get to use to the idea of having a little sister in the family when it wasn't a for sure thing so I talked to Aaron about maybe finding our what we are having. We have always left it a surprise and love the excitement of finding out what we are having right there in the delivery room, in fact we tell all the expecting parents we know that they should wait because eit is just so fun! This time however I really felt like we should find out, I came up with a million reasons why we needed to know this time and in the Aaron said that he would be fine with finding out this time. And so.........


That's right everyone we are on our way to three little boys! I will admit I was in shock when I saw the little boy parts show up in the ultra sound but I was never disappointed. I was so excited to see our cute little baby and find out he's strong and healthy it didn't really upset me that I wasn't having a girl. A boy feels right, he'll be a perfect fit and we can't wait to welcome him!

AJ on the other hand was VERY disappointed when we gave him the news about having another baby brother. He got into the very back of the van and cried the whole way home, he said he didn't want to talk about it and that he just wanted to have baby Sparkles!!!! It took him about three days to come around to the idea of another Brother but I am happy to say that he is very excited about it now!

Also Aaron and I have decided that finding out is not the rout for us. It was kind of exciting to find out in the ultrasound room but it didn't even come close to the excitement of meeting you new baby and finding out if its a boy or girl right their in the delivery room. We will defiantly leave any other children we may have a surprise!

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kelsey said...

You've almost convinced me not to find out next time. I think it would be amazing to find out in the delivery room, but I am the most impatient person in the world! I don't know how you did it before.

Congrats on another boy! Sad that AJ was so disappointed, but I'm glad he came around so quickly. You make the cutest boys ever, I can't wait to see this next little pumpkin!