Pool Trip

It just wouldn't be brake if we didn't make a family trip down to the pool. It was a bit of a bummer since both slides we out of commission and we aren't allowed in the how tub but we still managed to have a little fun!

Here's AJ waiting for them to open the Pool.

Dad and Miles getting use to the water. I thought it might be a little cold for him but he was lovin' it!
Becks couldn't wait to get in the water, HURRY DAD!

Here's our family measuring up, ha ha ha, I am funny! Lyndz just pay attention and I should rub off on ya, lol!

This is my fav. picture of Becks, I just love the wink!

Just Chillaxin!

Since it was Miles first trip to a nice clean indoor pool we just had to do the dunk.


MotherBeck said...

LOVE the dunk wiggle. And Lace, you are so beautiful, even just going to the pool....

lynz said...

i will pay close attention to every word you say! haha
loved that we had the whole pool to ourselves and love our every break pool trip :)

The Little Tracy Fam said...

His little dunk dance was so cute!! How fun! One of these days I will have the guts to get in a swimsuit again!

The Tolmans said...

I love these posts! They are getting me so excited to take our litle one down the street to Nicholas Sheran Pool. I can't wait!