Pumkin Patch - Take two

Friday afternoon was beautiful here. The leaves are all changing, the air has that crisp fall chill, and the sun was shining which ment perfect conditions for a second take at the pumkin patch.

As soon as the boys where home we piled into the cars and made our way to a new pumkin patch called leipoled farms. There was so much to do, see, and eat! I would definatly recommend it to any family living in the area. The best part was that our boys are so young everything was FREE.
It was $5.00 for a pony ride so we just let the boys feed the horse and sit on it, with out going any where. Same thrill minuse the cost!

You can see how excited Miles was to get out of the house and be at the pumpkin patch because it's so diffrent than what he dose at home all day, lol.This was a tuff one to pri the boys away from, if it was up to them they'd still be going round, and round, and round..... This was so fun! It was like a sand box but full of dry corn kernals, I think Lyndz and I enjoyed it more than the kids.
I thought this one would make Grandpa Hill really proud, what grandfather dosen't dream of seeing their handsome grandson as a beautiful flower!
Of course everything is a photo shoot, much to my husbands dismay, but here are some of the cute shots we got whilt picking our pumpkin.

Here's AJ helping me get the hay off my bum after sitting down for family pictures. He was very conserened about me and my dirty pants.
Here are the boys with their winning pumpkins, they were hard to find but well worth it! Dust and Aaron both picked 36 pounders while Age and Becks both came in under 3 pounds.

We couldn't go all day without a family photo. I tried the selftimer but Lyndz had to help me out in the end.


Jordan said...

I am glad that you always post lots of pictures on your blogs. That is the best part!

The Tolmans said...

I am glad you were finally able to get the pumpin patch experience you were looking for.