Date night with the Wagner girls

The Wagner girls are like family around here. I basically think of them as my nieces which AJ might find a little weird since he fully plans on marrying Megan one day, ha ha ha. Anyways my boys (nephews included) love playing with the Wagner girls, when they get together the fun can last for hours and hours.

Every day when Megan and AJ are done school they all meet outside and ride bikes back a forth between our apartments for at least an hour. You hear Megan and AJ calling to each other, "Coming Cowboy woody" "You bet Cowgirl Jesse" both wearing cowboy hats and pretending their bikes are horses.

They also love playing house at the Wagner's, or helping bake cookies ANYWHERE! The other day I pulled out the craft supplies and overhear:

"AJ I think I will do make a picture out of paper clippings what are you going to work on today?"
"I'm just painting an abstract picture today."
"Oh, that's a good way to use your imaginations"

WHAT!?!? How old are you kids, it was so hilarious. I asked AJ where he learned what abstract art was and he told me Megan taught him ALL ABOUT IT. ha ha ha.

Another favorite past time these little ones share is MOVIE NIGHT. I am not sure what they like more the movie or the treats but either way they all love it. Here they are watching Piglets big movie and enjoying some popcorn. AJ doesn't like popcorn so he had chips but he was still happy to help in making a popcorn mess in the movie nest.
Constantly on the look out for my lazy eye.....Nope I think we just caught a weird eys moment.
Seriously how cute is my little Miles!?! I just can't get over him!


The Anderson Family Trio said...

How adorable are they! abstract art? haha so cute! your boys need to meet up with jacob and then they can teach him all the trades of being a boy :)

Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh! so cute!! I haven't read a single blog of anyone for weeks...okay maybe more like months..i'm sorry I missed this! I'm so glad you're documenting this stuff b/c I sure havne't had the time! love ya!!