Saying good-bye

We have been very fourtuanate to not have to say good-bye to many close friends so far, but as the Cannon finished school we had say our first Good-byes. Chad and Nachelle were already one year into school when we got here. About a year ago they move into our complex and we have been hangin' out ever since.

We went out bowling and for appitizers at a place called, AL'S. It was so much fun to have one last night out with our friends, we sure will miss you guys!

We played Boy against Girls, and we seriously got our butt's kicked! But it was so much fun it didn't really matter!

The boys played a little pool while we waited for our appitizers and the girls did the usual, CHIT CHAT!

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lynz said...

chit chat is our usuasl isn't it! haha i love that pic of chad and nachelle, and it was a really fun good-bye night even if it was a sad reason to have it! miss you cannons :)