So tired & big boy beds.

We are no strangers to the sleepless craze that has been haunting all parents for thousands of years. Some kids won't take naps during the day others are up all night, leaving parents jumping at any chance they get to catch a few Z's. We'll do whatever it takes to make those babies sleep, bounce them, swing them, drive them, cry it out, pick 'em up, blankie, soothers, sound machines, blacked out windows, night lights, unplugged phones, running vacuum, on and on the list could go.

So here it is our current situation:

Miles 14 months sleeps only in his crib with a rainfall sound machine, blacked out room and a bottle to fall asleep. (please don't mention the bottle in the crib it is something I swore I would never do but..... Miles made me!)

AJ 3 year old hates the dark and going to sleep. Crawls into OUR bed every night and falls asleep snuggling up to Mom or Dad with the lamp on and the door open. we move him to his bed but sometime between 3:00-5:00 he always seems to make his way back to our room.

Solution = BUNK BEDS.

We moved Miles crib under the top bunk and draped a blanket over it so he was still in the dark, got AJ a night light, and kept moving him back to his bed after falling asleep with us. After a month of that annoying route we arrived at today. Today we moved our 15 month old into a big boy bed.

We have switched from bottle to sippys and decided to put both boys to bed at the same time, (7:00) every night and let them fend for themselves until morning. It might take a few nights but I am confident that it will be a success, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing Lacey, you have me thinking about moving Thad into a big boy bed now.
How do naps go?


Lorraine said...

Keep us posted how it goes. Just to let you know - they do eventually sleep through the night. It may take years, but they do it! Or we just end up going to bed and never know when the teenagers get to sleep.

kelsey said...

i thought you were the sleep expert! i tell everyone i know about sleep sense and how you recommended it and it works wonders! lol. life happens and children throw us for a loop, eh? good luck with the sleeping. you are right, parents have been battling it for years. i'll send some prayers your way!!!