Family Temple trip

As a missionary effort the Portland temple has been offering 30 minute Temple tours for the past two weeks. It is a great opportunity for members to bring their friends to the Temple to feel the spirit and learn more about the importance of Temples and why we have them.

Since Dustin is the ward mission leader he extended and invitation to all the members to come out after church and attend a tour with our families and any non members that might be interested. What a great way to spend a beautiful Portland afternoon!

The weather was perfect and although we didn't get any investigators out with us we did have a great time learning about the Portland temple and teaching our kids more about the plan of salvation....and the life of a lady bug. Who new one little bug could be so darn exciting! I thought this was such a great picture of these two, they look like a little old man and lady out for a walk
See that stud? Yeah I'm married to him!

Poytress men.
Me and my boys at the Portland Temple. Can't wait to take them in one day.
Some people stop to smell the roses, like Megan and AJ.

Others stop to sample their fertilizer.
Columbia River Ward Temple trip crew.
Have I ever mentioned that AJ winks. All the time, to everyone. He can wink with both eyes and in the right contexts. IT IS HILARIOUS! He winks across a room to someone, winks at his doctor, winks after he tells you a secret. So cute, and here it is:

Poytress family September 2010 (Miles fell and smashed his face on the concrete right before this was taken, poor kid!!)

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