Grandma Moje & Grandpa Zo

My parents came down for another visit this month. We ended up being their last stop on a wonderful road they took up the coast. They started out in California and worked their way up to us, hitting all the major attractions and cities along the way. LA, San Fransisco, Disneyland, Universal, Alcatraz, the Redwoods, and much much more. But I'm sure if you ask them what their favorite leg of the trip was they will undoutably say: PORTLAND

You just can't find boys as cute or doughnuts as good as we serve up here in Portland Oregon. Since Dust and Lynz were up in Canada for Beckams fake surgery Mom and Dad were able to stay at their place, which was so fun! No running back and forth to a hotel just right downstairs if they wanted a nap or need to get something.

Since we were at the end of their trip we decided not to go all over town but to just relax around here and enjoy each other company. We did hit up the Saturday market, which was so perfect! The weather was beautiful, the food delicious, and the boys had a blast playing in the fountains. (to bad I left the camera in the car!)

We also went to the fish hatchery on Saturday with Holly and Dan. AJ loves seeing all the fish and wanted Grandpa to meet Herman, the 10 foot sturgeon. It was beautiful out and we enjoyed seeing all the jumping fish, although there were NO FISH on the fish latter! A bit of a disappointment but still a successful trip in the end!

Another fun spot we hit this time was Imagination station. It's a wooden park where the kids could run and play for HOURS! They love it, I'm not sure why we don't go there more often actually. Anyways we took Grandma & Grandpa to the park and let them kids wear them out for an hour or so. All I can say is thank goodness there were 4 of us because they had more energy than one adult could handle! Miles couldn't get enough of Grandpa Zoe, they were two peas in a pod!
Miles wants to do EVERYTHING than AJ does, he just doesn't understand that he is smaller.

Hide and seek with Dad. Not so great for Aaron since AJ fits in all the nooks and crannies and we......Don't!

Look at those boys, seriously so cute! I know my opinion is a little bias but honestly, how could you denie the cuteness factor!?!?!?
Thanks for spending a few day in Portland with us Grandma & Grandpa, we love having you here and showing you our Portland World, missing you already!

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