52 week Challenge

So Caylee has introduced Lyndz and I to the 52 week Challenge. The main idea is to take at least one picture with your kids a week for 52 weeks straight. A lot of times the Mom's end up behind the camera instead of in front of it with their little ones. This is no different for Lyndz and I so we have decided to take the challenge and I will be trying to remember to post them each week, so feel free to keep me accountable if I start to slack!

Although it's a pretty bleak day here in Portland we new that time was running out so we decided to try for a little photo shot. We also wanted to get some shots of Beckam since he is now officially 3 months old. I know that Lyndz in planning on posting some pictures of her little man but I wanted to put up my favorite shot from the day.

Here's Lyndz and Beck's, week one of the 52 week challenge. Next week we are going for one with both of them looking at the camera & smiling.

Here's two of Age and I. We were playing a game that gives him the giggles and there for gives me the giggles! Please note that AJ has started choosing his own clothing.


Caylee Secretan said...

YAY!!!! Love your pretty faces in the pictures! :)

Kels said...

so cute. holy blue eyes of aj's!!! i love the giggles.

Joshua and Joy said...

Those are such cute pictures. I love AJ's blue eyes too! I am hoping for a blue eyed baby this time.

Nicole Wagner said...

Lacey, you're becoming a really good photographer!!!!!
that one of Lynds and Becks is REALLY good!
and I LOVE the last one of you and AJ...it is SO you guys!!!
adorable!!! those are definitely some keepers!
Love you all!

lynz said...

look at you go photographer girl! it's true....you are pretty amazing :) and the last one of you and aje is my fav!

The Fullmers Three said...

What a fun idea!

Lorraine said...

Lacey, what a wonderful challenge - you will treasure those pictures of you and AJ so much. Looking back at pictures of my own kids I realize that I should have been in the shot with them more often. I love your countdown too - we are getting so excited for you to come!

Sabby said...

Super cute! Great pics!