Two peas in a pod.

Ever since AJ was born all I ever hear is, "he's like a mini Aaron!" The resemblance between them is and has been very strong since day one. Over the past two years I have seen that AJ is like his dad in more than just appearance, and I couldn't love it more.

When Aaron and I were dating I meet his two nieces, Aby and Sidney. They are the cutest girls and seeing Aaron with them made me see that one day he would make a great Dad, but he has more than exceeded my expectation. Although Aaron is a very busy dad he always makes and finds time for his number one little buddy. I do my best during the day but there are just some things that are better with Dad.

Mom gets sick on the swing but AJ knows that Dad will always take him for a ride or go down the tunnel slides that scare mom.
Dad also loves to show AJ all the cool things you can find outside in the summer and winter. Even after a long day at work Aaron was always excited to take Age out to explore.

Please keep in mind that AJ is only 15 months old here. Aaron insists that golf is something AJ NEEDS to learn from an early age. I am not sure if that is because he has visions of them golfing together one day or because he wants to retire early on his cut of AJ's PGA winnings, lol.

We also wanted to make sure AJ knows where his vehicular loyalties should lie. Aaron and I have both loved Corvettes for a long time, which we would like to pass on to Age. Here we are at Street Wheelers weekend, AJ really liked all the bikes but Aaron got him cheering for the Corvettes as well. Grandpa Poytress is also helping us out by letting AJ feel what it's like to be behind the wheel, amazing!

And he just wouldn't be Aaron's son without a love for music. AJ has loved listening to and watching Aaron play guitar since he was brand new. As of late watching and listening to Dad just hasn't been enough! Although all Aaron's guitars are too nice for Age to play with, Dad let's him rock it out on the bass. We may be a ways from having his demo ready but he is getting a early start from a great teacher.

When all said and done, there is nothing that Dad and AJ like to do better than catch up on a few Z's. Some of the best times together are spent doing nothing!

Thanks for being such a great Dad Poy! I know it's not much coming from me but I know that one day you'll hear it form your kids and it will melt your heart. We love ya lots!


Nicole Wagner said...

awww..we think you're a great dad too Aaron. Aj is a very sweet boy...
I still he thinks he looks JUST like you as well Lace!

Kels said...

this post was so sweet. but besides that, um. . . where in canada? like to southern ab? i need to know asap. we're going to lethbridge next weekend!!!!!!!!
let me know.

lynz said...

awww - love all those father/son pics! he is a pretty good dad too :)

Joshua and Joy said...

I didn't know that Aaron played guitar. Joshua has played for years!

Lorraine said...

Lacey, I loved all these pictures. What a tribute to a wonderful husband and father. We love you, Aaron! (and Lacey, we think your pretty wonderful, too!)