Mother of three!?!?

For the past 7 days I have been watching Megan and Ericka Wagner while their parents are in Maui. Megan is 4, my little AJ is 23 months, and Erika is 16 months, and together they are a HANDFUL! I knew that it would be hard for the girls to go a whole week without seeing their parents especially since this was their first time being apart so we tried to stay extra busy. Our first day together we had a big pancake breakfast and spent most of the morning outside. It was so nice to have a good day so that we could walk around our complex and check the mail. Since Aaron and I didn't want to be apart all week we had AJ sleep in the playpen in the walk in closet. The night went great and the next day was fort day! We got up, had breakfast, and got ready before heading over to my house. I know that a fort may not seem like a bug deal but when you are little, everything is exciting! They played in AJ's room while I got everything set up and then came running out to explore their new play area. We put in a movie and even had popcorn, it was great. Please pay special attention to Megan's outfits in these pictures as I let her pick out all her own close this week for a special treat!

Thursday we went down to Clackamus with Lyndz, Julie, and Sabby. There were 4 mother and 8 kids! It was crazy. We ended p being there for about two hours and got home just in time for 12:30 naps. Megan had a great time playing with Jacob, they are the same age and love to run and play together.Jacob got a little excited and knocked over two littler kids which really got another mother going. She turned to us demanding to know "WHO'S CHILD IS THAT!" Julie asked him to go apologize to the younger kids, which he did and then the kids continued to play. Well so was MAD, she spent the rest of the time watching Jacob like a hawk and vigorously bouncing her foot. She finally snapped when her daughter tried to join in a game of ring-around-the-Rosie with Jacob, Megan, and Lucy. She ran over scooped her daughter up, glared at Jake & Us, and off they went! It was hilarious! You could just tell she was one of those super fun mom's. Anyways no pictures but it was great! Also the girls have been great up to this point, no tears, or heartbreak over mom and dad, it was going really well! Erika was even doing great with her naps. It is defiantly a lot of work with three but it helps when they all seem to like you and when you have Lyndz to help out, lol I think we stopped in more than she anticipated this week, ha ha. Thursday also ended our family sleep overs at the Wagner's. Usually AJ dose okay with the playpen when we are far from home but he just didn't understand why he was sleeping in a closet if his bed was 5 apartments over. When we went to put him to bed he said, "Mama no no, AJ's crib." I asked if he wanted to go sleep at home and he said yes, so I took him home and laid him down, before I could even say anything he looked up and said, "Mommy, AJ's bed better! Night night!" It was really cute. So I have been sleeping at the Wagner's with the girls while the boys spend the nights at home. It was really hard to be apart especially since by 8:00 each night the kids were all in bed and we were left sitting alone half a block apart, bummer! Friday was another crazy busy day. Friday was another crazy busy day, I made a home made Chocolate cheese cake and together Aaron and I made two apple pies. It was lots of work but we wanted to support the Western club. You may be asking yourself why would the poytress's want to support the Western club!?! You would think if we were going to turn country we would have done it back home on the prairies, but no. Our good friend Jared Mangum is a hardcore cowboy, kind of (he loves the boots, buckles, and hats but has yet to mount a horse. ha ha) and he started a wester club at school.
Before hitting the party I went to the hospital to meet Stewart, the Parker's beautiful baby boy. He is so cute and Kami was doing great. I could have stayed and visited for ever. It made me so excite to have my new little one, which is great since I have been a little nervous after this exhausting week, lol. Dance the night away and Lyndz and I both got second place in our categories. (her cookies and my cheese cake.) We won tee-shirts from the book store, yippie! Also after MONTHS of AJ walking around in Megan's pink crocks I finally got him his own pair. They are not my favorite but he loves them and they are quick and easy to get on so whatever. Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill, Aaron was a big help, especially since Nicole's girls LOVE him! We did our Saturday morning chores and tidy up and then hung out at our place. After the little ones had their nap Aaron brought in AJ's new bed and of cores the rest of history. I don't think they came out of his room again till bed time. I hope he likes to sleep in it as much as he likes plaing in it. Monday was our final day together, we have been planning on a welcome home party all week and it was finally time to put our plan into action. Megan wanted to make the cookies right away, I think her exact words were, "If we make them before breakfast then we could eat them instead of cereal!" I chose to have cereal and make them a little later, much to her dismay, lol. The kids where really into the cookie making this time, they wanted to roll, cut, and move their own cookies. They may not look like hearts but they were made with love. I'm not going to say it was easy or that the week flew by but it was better than I expected. I am tired and happy to be at home with my little boy tomorrow, JUST US, but in the end it was a great experience and if I had the opportunity I would do it again. We love those little girls and they really are great kids.


Nicole Wagner said...

You were SUCH a good mommy of three this week! THANK YOU!!!
and my house was immaculate when I got home last night, thank you even MORE! LOL...
I'm trying hard to keep the girls from destroying it ...but actually steve is doing better job messing it up than they are! ha.
I love you

The Fullmers Three said...

Wow, you are super woman. It looks like you had an eventful week. Lots of fun!

lynz said...

good job mommy x3~ you did an amazing job and yay for life all back to normal :)