Growing Up To Fast!

I can't belive that I am 5 1/2 months pregnant and AJ is just 1 month away from his 2nd birthday! I still remember bringing him home from the hospital and giving him his first bath, it feels like yesterday. After spending a week watching the Wagner's girls I am feeling a little nervous about bringing home a new baby, not because it was overwhelmingly difficult for me, ut it was a lot for AJ! He had a hard time learning to share mom with two other kids full time, especially when Erika is younger and needs to be carried, feed, etc. So in order to help prepare him for his new little sibling I want to help him gain a little more Independence now before he thinks it's all the babies fault.

I guess this is my long way of saying that this week we got AJ his first ever Big Boy bed! We were just going to get him a little ikea bed but we found this on Craigs list with the mattress so we decided to get it. It was a great deal and so far AJ loves it..... As a toy! Since I am still staying at the Wagner's we have decided to wait and start him sleeping in it next week. For now he is just getting s to the idea of having it in his room. We keep telling him that it's a Big Boy bed and soon he can sleep in it, I will keep you posted on how the actual transition goes. Anyways the kids LOVED playing with it! AJ kept making everyone get in so he could take them all to WAL-MART (his favorite store for some reason!?!) but they never made it because every time he got in the car he would jump back out and pretend to put more gas in. It was hilarious!


Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh!! that is so exciting!!! and seeing my babies brings me to tears!I can't thank you enough for being such a fabulous fill in mom this week. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lynz said...

i'll be a passenger in that sweet corvette any time! haha - those are some good pics lace, and i can't wait for when he loves to sleep in it too :)