Canada Trip 2009 - Getting There

After finishing up with finals and getting everything all packed we were ready to hit the road to Canada. We wanted AJ to sleep for at least part of the Trip so we decided to leave at 5:30, it was early but we were so excited we didn't mind. AJ stayed awake for about an hour and then dozed of till 8:30. It was great to get a few hours in while he slept quietly in the back.

We couldn't have asked for a better travel day. There was cloud coverage all the way home but not a drop of rain. No sun to give you a headache, no wind to kill the gas mileage, just beautiful weather all the way home.

We got up at 4:45 and were on the road by 5:20, we wanted to make sure that we got to Grandpa's with a few hours to spare before bedtime. We meet some people who had driven down from Calgary for March madness and said the ride took them 15 hours!!!! But it only ended up taking us just under 12, YIPPIE!

AJ was a real trooper. We brought our laptop so that he could watch movies but he just wasn't into it. He slept until 8:30 and then had some yogurt and started looking around at all the cool tractors and big trucks going by. He spent the day playing cars, reading books, coloring, and singing songs with Mom and Dad. His new favorite song is "the wheels on the Bus," which is now one of my least favorites but it kept him happy and he's so cute when he dose it I can't help but smile.

We rolled into Fort Macleod just in time for dinner, perfect timing! Grandma and Grandpa were so excited to see up and AJ couldn't wait to start playing. We ate and played for a few hours but couldn't stay long because we had to get to the hospital . . . Toad and Chuck had their baby!!!!

For any of you who don't know Thomas and Char-Lane (toad and chuck) are two of our closest friends. Poy and Toad grew up together and then lived together for a few years after their missions. Chuck and I were so-workers, room mates, and great friends. We went on tonz of double dates together and spent alot of our single adult life with one another and now we are MOM's and DAD's! life is so crazy.

Char-lane has been expecting this baby to come for the past week or so, we talk everyday on the phone but still no baby. Things started happening around Thursday night, which was great news because she was starting to think that she might see me before she saw her new little man. You may notice I say little man, they never found out what they were having but Char-Land would have bet her life savings on a boy, sometimes as a mom you just know! Well Baby Gunderson could not be rushed from Thursday to Saturday Chuck was in labour, which most women know can be pretty painful!

So as soon as we got to the Poytress's house I was on the phone to hear the out come, had the baby come? What was his name? how did Chuck do? Was everyone okay?
I called up toad and heard the good news he was a Dad, finally! Things were pretty hard on Char-Lane and the Baby but they both got through it and were doing great, and shock of all shocks....IT'S A GIRL!!!!

We couldn't Wait another minute, we grabbed some dinner for the new family and finally made it to the hospital at 8:15. We could only stay for an hour but it was a great visit and were we so happy to see their Beautiful Baby Girl on her Birthday, oh and Toad and Chuck too!!! lol.


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