Smooth transition

So AJ is officially in a big biy bed now! The first night we layed in bed with him and read stories, sang songs, and then said our prayers before turning out the lights. He seemed a little confused and just before I closed the door he said, "Mommy, AJ go crib?" I told him that he was going to sleep in his big boy bed and then left him too it. I was a Little nervous that he might fall out or hit his head on the side but it went really well! Here's the boys getting all tucked in and having a bed time story, AJ tries to do everything just like Dad, I love watching them together. Also you'll see Radar, this was Aaron's teddy bear when he was little and now it belongs to AJ. He has kept the same name and is just as loved as ever!
He has been sleeping in it for 5 nights as well as for all his naps. The best part is, he doesn't seem to realize that he could get out of bed whenever he wants. When he wakes up he just lays there and calls for mom or dad! It is so funny! In fact I had a girls night here on Friday which woke him up but instead of coming out to see what was up he just sat in there yelling, "MOM....MOMMY!!! AJ ALL DONE!!!" It was so funny, I finally brought him out and let him party with us, he he. I was a little nervous to put him back in his bed on Wednesday because he was getting his 2 year molars and had a pretty good fever. I wasn't sure ow it would go with him being sick but he did great. His fever lasted a few days so he slept quite a bit, and even when he wasn't asleep he was pretty out of it. Here he is over at Lyndz trying to watch Finding Nemo, it was just the cutes face! As sad as it is to see your little ones sick, they are always so cute and cuddly that I can't help but enjoy it a little. Especially when you know it will pas and there are no grody side effects like puke or snotty noses, ha ha. Anyways it's been great and I couldn't have asked for a smother transition!


benandkristi said...

so cute! i am so glad i found your blog lace! he is so big now. congrats on the new milestone!

Kels said...

aw, him watching nemo is the cutest. norah has been sick the last few days too, and super cuddly. i am loving her climbing up on to me, and nestling in for a few minutes!!!

Nicole Wagner said...

I loved have the first hand experience the other night during girls night to hear him yelling "Moma...all done!!" ..poor boy...so cute.
I promise megan will NOT tell AJ he can actually get out of his bed on his own.
atleast i've told her not to tell him....maybe I shouldn't make any promises? lol