Beautiful weather and my little man who's still under it.

I know that it seems early for spring to all my friends and family back home in Canada but for everyone here in Portland, spring time is now! Over the past two weeks we have been seeing more and more of the sun which means it's time to get outside and play! AJ gets up every morning to check if there is sunshine so we can go to the Zoo, park, on a walk, or just out back to blow bubbles. He loves being outside and I can't wait until Miles is walking around exploring with him.

The pool doesn't open until June but we have plenty to keep us busy until then. Here are a few pictures from our time at the Church and some bubble blowing fun with Becks on our back green strip.

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey! This is one of AJ's favorite past times, especially when he's outside and can really hit it hard. Him and Landon had a great time running through puddles and wailing on the ball.Here's and action shot of me and Age, what can I say, I taught him everything he knows!!!!
This is Lashae, is is basically one of the cutes little girls I have ever seen in my whole life. Every time I see her I just want to snuggle her up. She is 15 months old and tiny, which only adds to her cuteness. She's got a great mom, Brandy, and I just loved this picture of them having some girl time.Miles is 8 months old and still using a 0-3 month soother. It is so tiny I'm not even sure how he manages to keep it in there but he doesn't like the big ones. I will probably get rid of his soothers all together pretty soon so it doesn't really matter but I just think it's so funny!!! Anyways here's one without the ugly soother.

Of course it hasn't all been sunshine and bubbles. As most of you know at 5 months Miles developed RSV, we were stuck in the house for 3 weeks while he was contagious and giving him puffers every 4-6 hours as needed. When we went home for Christmas both my boys got pretty sick with the stomic flu, which only lasted a few days thank goodness! By the end of Christmas I thought we were done with all this sickness but alas I was wrong! Miles, AJ, and Beckem have all had colds complete with the snotty, runny nose since mid January. Miles decided to take it a step further ad developed Brociolites. hoe-hum! We ended up seeing the doctor 3 times in one week and using a nebulizer for two weeks. All thought it's pretty uncomfortable and annoying Miles took it like a champ and finally cleared out his lungs.

After two days of health Miles got a fever of 100-103 and kept it that way for three days. I thought he was teething, since he cute two new teeth (that make 5 now) but I must have been wrong since AJ got the same high temperatures yesterday. Miles is feeling good now but AJ is still warm and grumpy. Oh well what can ya do? I just hope that one day we can all be healthy again!


Holly Lujan said...

AJ looks way too cool in that photo of him playing hockey! I hope these boys can get better soon! NO MORE SICKNESS!!

Jeff and Amy said...

Yay for springtime!! I can't wait to be able to have Porter play outside everyday. And Miles is getting so big. Bummer about the sickies - hopefully everyone gets well and STAYS well soon. And when I had Kami here last weekend she told me all about your weight loss group. I wish I was in Portland so that I could do it too. But Jeff and I are starting our own little group. Good luck!

Linds said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying your "warm" weather. I would probably be freezing. Anyway, I do miss spring in Portland, it's so gorgeous! Anyway, I hope you are all better soon. Sick kids is no fun!

Lorraine said...

Hi Lacey, I sure hope the boys are feeling better. Poor Miles with the breathing aparatus. It's no fun being sick. I hope AJ is feeling better too. I'm glad you have spring there now - I'm looking forward to it here soon!