Shouldn't you be sleeping!?

I don't know if I've mentioned lately just how much I love having boys! Don't get me wrong I am defiantly praying for a girl to come along one day but for now these little guys bring me all the joy in the world!

Sometimes it seems more like there are three little brothers running around here rather than two brothers and a cousin. AJ, Miles, and Beckem spend the majority of their waking hours together and couldn't be happier about it. AJ loves getting Miles up from his nap and if AJ's going somewhere Beckem is usually pretty close to follow. Here they are playing in the crib together after Miles got up from his nap.

Miles has learned to pull himself up at the side of the crib, thanks to a little help from big brother!Ummm....I think you have a little drool in you hair!Miles and Becks Chilaxin'
AJ teaching the young ins things the Mom's don't want then to know, notice the focus.


lynz said...

awwww, love love love our boys!

Lorraine said...

The "brothers" are so adorable. I love the attention that AJ is getting in the last picture. He will definately be watched all the time by the two younger ones.