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I'm sorry but where does the time go? SERIOUSLY! It has been so long since my last blog and I have so much to catch up on, first and for most being my boys. This post is dedicated to my little Smage, just a post I can look back on to remember how he is right now.

Right now AJ is 34 months old (2 months from his third birthday!), he weights 30 lbs, and stands just over three feet tall. The other day he got a new pair of shoes and I almost started to cry, right there in the store, when I realized he is now a size 8. He just moved up to the 3T's and finally learned to completely buckle himself into the car seat.

Age has more energy than I can ever remember possessing. He lives to run, jump, climb, and roll over every square inch of our apartment. Sometimes he will run in circles around our sofa for 20 minutes strait. He pull all the pillows off the back of the couches and pile them up so he can jump, jump, jump!! He also loves forts. Although Dad is the expert Mom can throw together a decent fort if Dad is off to school or scouts. We might not have anything fancy, like tents or tree forts, but we have plenty of blankets and furniture to create the perfect hide aways.

Art is another past time this little man just can't seem to get enough of. The other day AJ spent over 4 hours doing art at the table (and a little bit on the couch too! opps.) I think his favorite thing to do right now is painting. He has known all his colors for a long time but now he is learning what you can make when you mix two colors together. He knows red and yellow make Orange but we are still working on blue and red. His work is all displayed on his art wall, it just kills me to throw it away but seriously you can't keep everything forever.

It has been a while since me and AJ worked on his numbers and letters but I still think he his doing okay. He can count to 16, recognize all the letters of the alphabet and make their sound, as well as read/recognize the words: Mom, Dad, Miles, AJ, Dog, Cow, Elephant, and clap. I hope that we can do more work on his reading but we have been so busy this year already!

AJ's favorite movies are: All the Toy Stories, Bolt, Cars, Tab letter factory, UP, and Sandlot (which is now *LOST*). I have seen all these movies MORE times than I ever imagined possible but he loves them and so....I love them. If we aren't watching them we are quoting them, talking about them, make believing that we are characters from them, or coloring pictures of them. THANK-YOU DISNEY & PIXAR, where would the mothers of the world be without you. You never know what movie it will be next but whatever it is I just hope the DVD is ready for lots and lots of time in the player!

When it comes to looks this boy is a mini me of his Daddy but I have to say the personality is defiantly Mom inspired. If you guys think I talk a lot you need to spend a day with Age, the chatter is non-stop! I don't ever try to listen to the radio anymore because I just end up turning it down ever few seconds to try and hear what he's saying. When AJ is done with his food he always says,
"Mom I like to save it for af-er tomorrow." which translates to throw this away please. He also never gives the one work answers like yes or No, it's always,
"Yep I did get to go to the park"
"No you're not a boy Mom."
If he doesn't want to talk on the phone he says, "I'm a little bit busy right now."
Bathroom time always gets a "I need privacy Beckem!"

Recently AJ's has became obsessed with dinosaurs and Dragons. He got some wonderful toys from his Grandmas for Christmas and has been busy ever since. His favorite book is the Dinosaurs ABC, it is so crazy how he can learn and memorize all their names. His favorites are the Diplodocus, leptrosaratops, and the Velosalraptor.

The last thing I wanted to get down is how AJ does at Church. AJ loves going to Church and taking the sacrament. He say's "just one peice Mom! It's a symbol not a snack." lol, so funny. He gose to nursary really well and is on of the best participents during song time. He knows I am a child od God, Love is spoken here, a childs prayer, and all the fun ones as well. AJ also loves to pray. He want to be the one to pray at every meal and every family prayer. He has even said the prayer when we were at our friends house for dinner.
Big Sigh, "Heavenly Father Thanks for the food, (even if we aren't eating) thanks for (everyone one present, usually more than once each.) Please bless President Monson and the missionaries. Thanks for Jesus and his Manger. (Then extra slowly) In the Name of Jesus Christ.......Amen.

All in all AJ is a pretty good little boy. We have our off moments or ruff days but I love him so much and more than anything he brings me Joy. I am so proud of all he has accomplished so far I can not even imagin how a parent must feel when their Children accomplish the big things like Graduating, go on a mission, get married, and having Children of their own. Parenhood is such a blessing!


Nicole Wagner said...

It really struck me today when he came running up to the door "Ni-Co, Ni-co!......" can't even remember the rest of what he said, but it struck me how enthusiastic he is about everything..he's so frickin' cute and you're a good mom. it shows, through him.
Love littl Smage:):) xo....good post. you'll love reading back on this in years to come.

Linds said...

He sure is adorable. It's nice that you did this, now I feel like I'm getting to know your kids.

Anonymous said...

lovely, i just made even more different emo backgrounds in my blog

Gunderson's said...

Ok seriously...he looks so grown up! Can you tell him to stop getting so big cuz it makes me sad that he is a little man now. Ha ha...LOVE him!!