I have never been really into the little holidays but that all changed when I became a Mom. I want to make holidays special for my boys, something that they will happily remember from their childhood. Sometimes I think Valentines day becomes to much about flowers and chocolates instead of focusing on what is really important, Love. I love that their is a day set aside to show and tell those around you how much you love them. It's not about the biggest gift or the most expensive display of love. It's about making time for each other and saying the things that, sometimes in our busy lives, don't always get said.

AJ made his first valentines cards this year to give out to his friends. They we Toy story (of course) and each came with a new Toy Story pencil. Dangerous but fun.

This year we has some friends over to make these really fun sucker cookies. They work better if you make sure to chill the dough and use food coloring gel rather than the liquid but it was still fun to do!!

We also had a valentines breakfast with the Tolmans before Church on Sunday. We had heart shaped pancakes and pink whip cream, which AJ loved. Grandma and Grandpa Peterson had sent them a little Valentines/Olympic gift which they opened at breakfast. I don't think we will be getting them "presents" for Valentines every year but it just happened to work out that way this year. I think they are pretty darn cute!

After Church we got together with the Tolman's, Bralliers, and the Lujan's for Funeral Potato's, ham, Holly's rolls, corn, Angel food cake, and CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES!!!! It was so delicious and fun. We may not have family around to have Sunday dinners with but our friends more than make up for it, love you guys!


lynz said...

love the hoodies and love our heart shaped pancakes :) happy v-day poytress crew!
ps - sad i missed out on the cookie making. next year though!

kelsey said...

those cookie suckers are such a cute idea!!! also, love the heart-shaped pancakes, and the canada gear!

Holly Lujan said...

We loved our sucker cookies! They were very cute. I also LOVE the Canada gear! AJ has a very nice thumbs up in that picture.

Linds said...

We always make heart shaped pancakes too. So fun! I really love the little holidays. I just love an excuse to celebrate.