Feb.9th 2010

Over the last few days Miles has really started moving. He may not be up on all fours but he sure can get around with his new schooching technique. I knew this day would come but I hoped he might not be mobile until he was at least one! lol.Here is a little clip of AJ this morning. He really wanted to be on tape but didn't want to get dressed, so I am rating this PG-13 for partial nudity.


lynz said...

cute cute cute! love miles' little army crawl thing and love that you caught all of those cute little aj phrases on camera :) such boys!

Linds said...

Super cute little crawler. I didn't get to see the pg-13 one cause there was an error. I'm sure it was cute too.

Lorraine said...

Hi Lacey, I just love to see your two little men in this video. How fun to see Miles moving around - there will be no holding him back now! And AJ is so cute, talking up a storm - I just miss them so much. Thanks for your wonderful blog!