Miles Daniel Poytress

Miles is just one week away from 8 months old, weighs 19.6 lbs, and is 25 inches in height. He is currently wearing 12 month clothing and his feet are size 2-3 depending on where the shoes are from. I think that kids should be required to walk before they hit 18 lbs, seriously my arms are about ready to brake off!

For the first 3 months of Miles life we really struggled with thrush and colic (which turned out to be silent acid reflux) but once we switch to formula and started on the ant-acid medication he was a whole new man! He might not be running around and talking yet but he has already developed his own little personality.

Miles always seems to have a smile on his face, and oh what a smile it is!!! I just love looking over to see that big chubby checked, three toothed smile flashing at me. One of the best things about Miles smiles is how freely he gives them away. Miles will smile for almost anyone, anywhere which is totally the opposite of how AJ was a a baby.

Miles is usually very content and willing to go to other people without making a fuss. He love to people watch, especially when there are other kids over at our house. He could happily sit in the corner and watch them play all morning long. He is also happy to be in his chair or stroller for as long as we need. Rarely fussing in the car or when we end up at the mall or store for longer than planned. I know that some kids are like that with their Bumbo chairs but Miles has never really been a fan. He loves to be on his tummy and has learned that if he ever wants to switch positions arching your back is usually a good way to achieve this goal. Since 3 months he has been "arching" his way right out of the Bumbo, oh well!

I remember when I was pregnant with AJ I heard that TV was SO BAD for kids, especially babies and Children under two. This was the information that inspired my decision to not allow my children to watch ANY TV until they were at least 2 years old. HA HA HA. Aren't first time Mom's the cutest! I am totally supportive of those of you who have gone the no TV rout but it just wasn't happening for me. Miles love watching "your baby can read" DVDs, he would watch them all day long if we let him. In the last week he has stared waving, clapping, and making the C-C-C sound for Cow.

Speaking of sounds Miles has a sound that is all his own. I have never heard another baby do it before and I can in no way replicate it. I have been looking at our videos but I don't seem to have it filmed yet so I will have to add it on here later. Sorry!

Miles started sitting up around 5 1/2 months and is now getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. He doesn't really crawl but more just throws himself forward and then gets up on his knees and dose it again. If that seems to be taking to much time he will just roll over to what he wants instead. He loves to stand but has not yet mastered the art of pulling himself up on thing. He will roll over to the couch and the reach up in the superman position and try to get up, I guess he doesn't understand the feet on the floor thing yet!

I think the happiest day in Miles life so far was the day I introduced him to real food. He loves eating all the Jars of baby food and well as any of the real stuff he can get his hands on, literally. If there is food in front of him Miles will stretch, kick, reach, and pull his way to it. We were out for dinner at the Cheesecake factory and I had him on my left knee to keep him from getting to my food. After a few minutes I noticed he wasn't struggling to get at my food anymore. I looked down to find that he had grabbed a piece of AJ's pizza, folded it in half and was sucking the middle of it, cheese side up! I pride it from his fingers and scoched him to the other knee where he immediately grabbed a hand full of fries and jammed them in his mouth! We were laughing so hard, I finally had to just feed him some and wait till his Dad was done before I got to eat.

I also wanted to add this video of miles at 7 months, Enjoy!


Linds said...

Super cute! He sounds like a wonderful baby. I wish mine were that easy going.

Nicole Wagner said...

I really love this little boy. I love it when he smiles...he really does smile at anyone, but I still feel special when he smiles at me! lol...
Oh..and can I attest to the food thing? He almost ate all my dinner a few weeks ago! haha....cute chubby little baby. Muah! xo