Jay Jay

This is my cousin Jay.

He is like a brother to me and in fact I think I might know him better than I know a few of my brothers, ha ha ha! He is such a great guy and I we were so excited to find out that he was coming to Portland for 6 whole days! Of course it wasn't all play he was here for a conference in which he presented his thesis, AHH!!! But he did GREAT and we were able to spend the evenings together as well as Thursday Friday.

First we hit up the Temple. We went with all the kids and new we wouldn't have time to go in but we wanted to spend time on the Temple grounds but when we got there this is what we found:
bummer! So we just had to enjoy from outside the fence.

After our adventures outside the Temple we hit up the tram. This was actually my first time on the Tram as well and it really is a great view from the top!

Just a side note. AJ got this weater from Grandma Tolman for Christmas and he loves it be he INSISTS on rolling it up like this everytime he wears it. I tried telling him it looks silly, rolling it down in a sneaky way, and even saying it could wreck his favorite sweater but nothing works. He just keeps rolling it up, oh well! Dust and Jay took the older boys and hit up the falls. Jay love nature and agriculture and we new he would love getting out and seeing some of what Portland had to offer nature wise.

We also went to Voodoo doughnuts and Powell books, two of my favorite Portland hot spots! It is always fun to have people visit but I especially enjoyed showing Jay around my favorite city in the USA. So glad you came to visit, next time bring your family! Love ya Jay.


kelsey said...

AJ and his sweater kill me because Norah is just hitting that "my way to wear things" phase. It makes me laugh, and cringe a little at the things she comes up with. . . but it's a battle I don't want to fight, or care to win!

The Anderson Family Trio said...

Lacey! i thought i posted something on this entry but i guess didn't. i meant to but i didn't. thanks so much for the thoughtful things you wrote. i really had a blast there and wish i could come back with steph and jacob. hopefully we'll just live close so our kids can grow up near one another. thanks again. love ya too :)