Red Rover Red Rover we call summer over!

We've had a bit of nice-ish weather here in Portland and we have been taking full advantage!Our first sunny day Lynz and Michelle took the boys and were off to the Zoo. I have been a little sick in my first bit of pregnancey and they thought it might be nice for me to have a few hours child free. TAHNK-YOU ladies!!!! What a nice little break it was.

Our friend Michelle is a great photographer, check her out here: www.michellecervophotography.com, so she took along her camera and got these fantastic shots. THANKS CHELLE!

Aside from the Zoo we have also been playing outside, chillin' in the hot tub, and of course riding bikes.

I told Lynz not to get me in any pictures but she did anyways, so here it is my everyday stay at home Mom look. Laugh if you must.

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kelsey said...

that little pookie hat is so cute. alos, the zoo picture with aj sticking out his tongue is awesome. what cute kids you have!!! can't wait to see what this next one turns out to be!