Pine State Biscuits

Pine State Biscuits is anothe local hot spot that made it on to the food network in the past year. We love finding these places and checking them out for ourselfs, sometimes it and be a dive but this time it was totally worth the trip!

Pine State is this little hole in the wall with four tiny tables and no room to stand an wait for your food so you have to line up outside!

We meet the nicest people there who gave us their table and even helped us clean up the LARGE class of water that Milo spilt all over the place. It's always so refreshing to meet nice people in the big city!

And here it is, The Reggie! Come and get one people!!!!

Guess it was all to much for AJ he couldn't even stay awake he was so full and satisfied.

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kelsey said...

My favorite part of this post is AJ's freaking awesome PJ shirt. That kid is so darn cute!