Poytress Christmas

This was our first Christmas with out Uncle Jorpo, and we sure missed him! But the show must go on. We spent our time playing games and enjoying the snow since Portland never seem to get much. AJ wanted to make a snowman so bad but no matter how had Aaron tried the snow just wasn't sticking!He thought filling a bucket of snow might be just as fun but AJ didn't agree.On Christmas eve all the Poytress family came out for the traditional reading of the nativity by Grandpa while the kids act it out. My children of course chose not to participate, AGAIN!

After that we decided to head out and do a little Christmas good by dropping off our Christmas cookies pixie style. The kids loved it but AJ decided to wait in the car, sneaking around makes him a little nervous! The kids got the plate ready for Santa and the reindeer: Santa got gum and cookies the reindeer like Beef Jerky and Peppers. Isn't that every ones traditions????

The we got out the stockings and hung them with care, this is one of my favorite poytress family traditions. We hung a stocking for uncle Jorpo and Uncle Daniel even thought they weren't there, and then we enjoyed some family bonding....

I thin kthis is as close as AJ got to Jeff the whole trip, ha ha ha. One day he will understand what a great unlce he is!

It was another great Christmas morning at the Poytress house but I think the highlight this year was talking with uncle Jorpo.

What a treat it was to hear about his mission and all that he is doing! Love you Elder Poytress!

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