Tolman Christmas

Our Tolman Christmas is always to fast but with everyone living all over the place we're just happy that we are able to get together at all! This year we had our little dinner party out in Cardston. Cindy's parents let us come out and take over them home for the day, which was so nice!

We got together for dinner, games, chit-chat, and presents. It turned out to be a nice relaxing day and even Dylan was able to make it down. It so hard living so far away, I feel like we get so disconnected sometimes! I hope we can find more time together once we are living back in Canada.

We love being able to have our double celebration since Alaina was born on December 24th. If she didn't have such a special birthday I don't know if we would get to spend it with her every year. We love you lots Alain!

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