Peterson Christmas

Honestly I don't know why we have such a hard time with this but we NEVER take pictures while at my Parents house. I haul my camera all over the place but as soon as we get to Mom and Dads it goes into retirement, geesh!

Anyways we had a great Christmas again this year, I think the highlight for AJ was playing with Grandpa and Zoe out in the yard. He loves getting one-on-one time with Grandpa weather that means their out for a drive, off to the movies, or out in the yard with Zoe he LOVES every minute of it!

We also had tub time in grandmas big jet tub. I don't know if you guys say that, "Having a tub" instead of "having a bath" but that's what my Grandma and Mom told me and that is what I tell my boys. So go have yourself some tub time people!

We enjoyed playing with Grandmas toys, making cookies, and snuggling with the Grandparents before hittin' the hay each night.

And of course Christmas morning-ish. You may wonder why we all look so darn good this year. Well it's because we ended up having a late Christmas morning since we were out in Fort Mac talking to uncle Jorpo. It was so fun to all be together and I was especially please with how much little Em seemed to like the Eeyor we got for her, LVOE YOU EM! (also I did NOT take these pictures they are all thanks to the cute little Tolman family, http://leviandhayley.blogspot.com/)

Merry Chirstmas Peteron family!

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