The couch took it!

Over the past few weeks we have noticed that certain key items have gone missing from our home. The DVD remote, the boys favorite lightning McQueen car, and the keys to our van being at the top of the list. Search as we may the items remained in a lost state until our last date night. I had been discrediting Aaron's "lost in the couch" theory for weeks but with no other answers we decided to take a look.

Each arm of the couch is a solid wooden box covered with leather. For some reason they cut a small hole about 1 inch x 4 inches right where the cushion and arm meet making the perfect place for things to disappear to. Of course it is in a very awkward place and getting your hand in that tiny hole is next to impossible which made the whole situation very frustrating!

We could hear stuff rattling around but couldn't see anything in the tiny hole so we had to use a butter knife as a mirror to see what was in there. Well there they were, the remote and Lightning McQueen!

It took a while and more than half the kitchen utensils but eventually we won the battle and regained possesion of both items! Tada!! And when we tilted the couch back over we looked and saw that our van keys were there on the floor!!

Also we found a disgusting old bag of gold fish! Yummo!

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lynz said...

what a great date night! glad i could be there to capture the victorious moment :)