The Other Grandpa Zoe

Sometimes AJ is Buzz, Woody, Oso, or a variaty of other tv/movie characters but some days He's Grandpa Zoe. That's right he gets all dressed in his jeams and a polo shirt (which HAS TO BE tucked in!) puts his phone on his belt and heads to his "shop". Today his "shop" was in his room, he was busy building his bunk beds, cuting, drilling and marking the wood with his Lellow work pensil.

Love this kid!

Oh and here's Grandma Moje according to Age, Baha ha ha!


MotherBeck said...

That mad me laugh so hard, especially the Grandma Moje part!!

kelsey said...

This is the best thing ever! I love that pencil behind his ear--- your dad must be so proud! cute. Grandma Moje is pretty cute too!

We Are Anderson said...

HAHAHAHA! that is so cute!!! your little boys are so sweet!!

The Tolmans said...

haha thats so funny. he looks just like a little dad in some of those pictures!