Girls Night out For Brandy!

Our good friend Brandy was celebrating her birthday so we decided that once all of our kids where in bed we would hit the town for a little celebrating. We started things off with some cheap happy hour food at Gustas. It's a German resturant that everyone loves for their fondue, it's not my favorite but it's okay.

Then it was off to bowling.We smuggled in our treats and bowled GNO style. a diffrent style for every frame!
1.proffesional bowler
2.between the legs
3.oven mits
4.blind folded and spin
7.Push with the feet
8.Gramma shot
9.??????? Anyone remember the last one?
10. Make up your own

HappyBirthday Brand, we love ya!

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MotherBeck said...

that was a really good time. I can't believe you didn't put up the picture of the two GROWN MEN doing dance dance revolution....that may be good for it's own post.