Quick trip

You may have noticed that Papa was is the Halloween picture with Miles, I think this is the first Halloween that we have spent with the Poytress's and it was a lot of fun.

Al has been looking at Corvettes for a while, he likes to find them down here during the off season, import them, and them flip them. (enjoying the time in between where the cars are all his of course!) Well he found a beautiful 2007 blue Corvette for a pretty good price right here in Portland so down they came. Bonus for us we got to have Grandma and Grandpa here for Halloween weekend AND ride in the new Corvette, AWESOME!

It was a little rainy out but we decided it would be fun to hit up the Saturday market. Unfortunately Aaron was busy WINNING THE SCHOOL GOLF TOURNAMENT, but we managed to have a good time with out him.

Miles had a great time playing in the fountain with Papa.

This is one of our favorite local bands to listen to at the Saturday market. they are usually all over the place instead of stuck under the rain. Grandparents enjoying the boys, so much fun to have them with them. Grandma didn't have any appreate footwear so she had to borrow some of Dads. LOOKING GOOD GRANDMA!


lynz said...

haha love those shoes lorraine! it looks like a lot more fun that i imagined it to be on that rainy day :)

Linds said...

That picture of the band is super cool!