Halloween 2010

Grrr.....every Halloween I think, "this year I am going to get the boy costumes early so I do have to run around frantically on October 31st trying to pull something together." but you know how it goes!

There are so many costumes out there that cost a million dollars and we just can't afford it but this year we found the jack pot. The Disney store had their Jammie's on two for twenty and check out the awesome buzz and woody Jammie, WHY WOULD YOU PAY $25.00 BUCKS FOR THE COSTUME? especially when these are better quality and can be use over and over as Jammie's???

I already had Miles costume from the consignment sale (so he just got cute new PJ's) which means I was actually ready a week ahead of time this year, OH YEAH!

Once we had the costumes we needed the pumpkin. I am not really one for getting my hand in there so I made caramel corn as my contribution!Seriously how unappealing!
Dad did a great job of our pumpkin and we loved having him as part of our family for a while. We made it a adults only party this year since the kids don't really get it, sorry boys!

The one on the end is suppose to be Micheal Jordan but the face got a little stretches. Oh well nice try!Which brings us around to the main event, HALLOWEEN! Can you guess what our theme was this year???

Since halloween falls on a Sunday this year our ward had a trick-or-treat event on Saturday night. It started with a carnavel in the gym for about 30 minutes and then the kids went trick-or-treating door to door through the halls of the church. Anyone who wanted to decorate a door was encoraged too but you were also given the opportunity to just donate candy. Aaron signed us up for a door, which actually ended up being a lot of fun.

I guess Aaron thought our door was to cute so he decided to creep it up a bit with this doll he found in the nursery, CREEPY!!!!

Miles simply couldn't wait to get some of that Candy in his mouth, he practically ate the wrapper of this sucker!
Great haul this year boys!

We also did a little get together on sunday to eat dinner and decorate cookies, because the kids simply hadn'thad enough suger, LOL. I love you both so much in your cute little outfits, happy halloween!

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Linds said...

I thought the Michael Jordan pumpkin was Martin Luther King Jr. until I read it. I was really proud of you guys for making such a historical pumpkin ;)