Double Date Night

Aaron school often gives out tickets to the trail Blazer games which makes for a cheap and super fun date night. They draw names and give them out raffle style but a lot of people can't make the game and just end up giving their tickets to a friend and Aaron was able to snag TWO tickets! Woo-who!

They were lots of dedicated fans who got all painted up for the occasion as well as so delicious treats (which we could never afford to eat!)

The best part by far was the game! They played the Thunder and it went into overtime. It was a really close game but we ended up losing by 1 point! Can you believe that, Grrrr! This picture was taken right before the game started, see how happy my husband look? Unfortunately that happy face didn't last! By the end of the game Aaron was in visible pain, I think he was the only one in the place that wasn't excited the game went into overtime.He mentioned a little pain on his right side on our way to the game but thought it was no big deal however it continued to get worse and worse until even cheering was painful. I thought I might have to carry him to the car after the game but he's so tuff he just pushed through the pain.

He told me that if was his own Doctor he would think it was appendicitis but that only like 10% of the public get it so he was probably wrong. 5 hours of waiting, 4 doctors, 3 examinations, 2 blood tests, and one CT later.....Appendicitis!!! Good job doctor Poytress! Saturday morning he had an laproscopic appendectamy and we had our second date night of the week, YEAH! I am not sure if you can tell or Aaron had recently recived his "happy pills" and boy was he happy! I know that he was dissapointed that is perfect medical record was ruined but we are just happy he is healthy and happy, Love you POy!

Also we wanted to thanks the Lujans, Wagners, and Uncle Dust for all their help over the weekend. Most of my girl friends were at Time out for women this weekend which ment a lack of people to help out with the boys but these guys came to my rescue and I am SO GREATFUL! Miles decidied to be a little stinker and stream his face off for the Lujans. They didn't want his to wake up Age so they tried to rock him to sleep but...NO WAY! Finally they just put him in our room and let him sleep on the floor. It worked like a charm he only made noise for about 10 minutes and then quiet!

Here's how I found him: HA HA HA
Oh Miles!


Dr. Wagner said...

Oh, man that picture of Miles is funny. What a character.

The Anderson Family Trio said...

oh my what a night! we hope everything turned out ok... appendicitis sure is a crummy way to end a date.

ps... jay loved that you're in the hospital bed with aaron haha. too cute!

Linds said...

Wow! Sounds like fun, not! Glad he was ok, and that all is well now.