Little Boys

Every now and then we go through our cloths and pass items from one boy to the next, putting the ones we don't need away in bins. We actually don't have to put much away since Miles is just one size (if that) behind Becks, and Mads is just one size (even though he is a YEAR YOUNGER!) behind Miles. AJ is kind of in his own group being 19 months a head of the crew.

Anywho Lynz and I were going through the bins one day when we realized just how quiet it was. All Mothers know that silence is the worst sound you can hear unless it's bed time, and it was NOT bed time! So I jumped up and headed out to the living room where I found Becks and Miles each deeply involved in their own favorite activity.

Miles typing away at the computer creating all sorts of difficult to undue changes,

And Beckam, testing my apples, one by one. He can't reach the apples at his own house (for good reason) and so when I mistakenly left mine on the table he just couldn't contain himself.

Guess I should have learned my lesson the week before with the pears! HA HA HA!

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