Icey Creamy Ice Cream, what a treat!

AJ and Megan don't get to spend as much time together as they use to so they LOVE to get together as often as possible. Whenever one is being picked up from school the other wants to go and so we try to take them along every now and then.

One day Nicole was feeling ambitious and took Erika, AJ, and Beckam to pick Megan up from kinder garden in my van. Well everyone was so well behaved Nicole thought, "No problems yet??? Why not add a little ice cream to the mix?" So that is exactly what she did. 10 minutes, 5 ice cream cones, and a million smiles later they arrived back home in a fairly orderly state.

Congratulations Nicole you made this one of the greatest days ever and didn't even get one drip of ice cream on my seats, YOU GO GIRL!

Unfortunatly for Miles he was still napping when all of this occured and seemed pretty upset when he woke up to the news!

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