Feeling “Berry” Ambitious!

Today we decided we should get in the car and go berry picking! That’s right 4 Mom’s, 6 kids and 28 degree weather (that’s 82 for all you Americans!) There are a lot of “you pick” farms down here in Portland and you end up with fresher cheaper berries than you get at the store. Since we are now officially part of the Oregon community we want to take part in as much of “Portland Living” as possible, which includes berry picking.

We decided to get an early start, so as to beat the heat, great in theory unfortunately things did not work out as we had planned. After missing our bridge and then next FEW exits on the interstate we managed to add 30 minutes onto our travel time and didn’t get to the berry farm until 9:45. The boys where great in the car but by the time we unpacked and got our boxes things where really heating up!

This trip was dedicated to raspberries and blue berries. We eventually want to pick cherries, apples, and peaches but it is not their season yet. So off we went with all our kids, boxes, strollers, cart and empty boxes. After walking the long road we picked, and picked, and picked, picked, and picked, and picked, picked, and picked, and picked, picked, and picked, and picked………Until our boxes where full! It took a good 2 hours but once out there we weren’t coming home until we had all the berries we needed. Our plan is to make jam tomorrow morning, all though we have never done it before, wish us luck!

The kids did great! AJ and Megan helped pick and test the berries as well as entertain the younger kids when things got “to boring” as AJ would put it. Actually AJ isn’t much of a berry fan but he still had a great time picking away and running around in the hot sun. I was a little worried about Miles but he was a real trooper. I did end up nursing him in the middle of an endless row of raspberries but you do what ya got to do right!?! By the end of the trip the kids where all pretty hot and tired, not to mention the Mom’s, however we got the berries!!! Mission accomplished.

Here we are picking raspberries, please notice Lyndz peeking out in the back left, lol!

Here's me and smage picking some berries together. He did pretty good until he realized he has sat in some berries and stained his new basketball shoes. It was all down hill from there, lol!

AJ is not a raspberry fan and Milies is to little so while Lyndz was busy picking away I decided to let Becks in on the Raspberry fun. I made sure he kept his clothing clean, but honestly, dose it get any cuter!?!
What is this?Squishy...let's have a taste...Not sure.....OH YEAH, HE'S A FAN!
Here we are at the end of our journey and it couldn't have gone any better. It was a lot of work but we had a lot of fun! By 12:00 we were all pretty ready to rush home for naps and then jump in the pool!!!

The boys in the car after 2 hours slaving away in the hot summer sun. Aren't they cute all squised in the back seat like that? We'll do anything to save a few bucks on gas, lol!


Kels said...

making jam is super easy, don't even worry about it, it will turn out great. i'm super jealous of all the wonderful produce you have at your disposal, make the most of it! it's so hard to find good fruit here in idaho!!!

Anonymous said...

Ron said........

And Oscar for best series of baby pictures goes to.....Lacey Poysauce for her series of Becks and the Raspberries. (Applause, applause).

Great pictures Lacey (and I want some of those blueberries right now!!!!!).

Holly Lujan said...

I'm so glad you took pictures. When I went it was so beautiful and I wanted to take some pictures, but I didn't bring my camera. Thanks for remembering your American friends! I think we need to convert to the Metric system. Why are we so stubborn?

Caylee Secretan said...

How fun! You go girls! Love the backseat of babies :)

Nicole Wagner said...

good job blogging so fast! you're a maniac. It was fun and I can't wait to go again with Steve and the girls....
p.s where the heck is the picture of me trecking 98lbs of kids in that cart up the HILL! ??? lol

MotherBeck said...

Ah Man, I wish we would have waited to go with you guys. Good luck with the jam i hope you have plenty of jars!

Anonymous said...

I just love that you do so much even as a mother of 2!! Good for you!
ps- you look GREAT!! miss ya!

Jeff and Amy said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! We ended up going someplace in Troutdale and didn't last too long cuz of the heat. How did the jam making go??

Lorraine said...

I'm so sad to have missed out on "Berry Empire". Looks like you had a great time and picked lots of berries. It's definately on my list of things to do next time we come. The pictures you take are wonderful! I just love to read your blog and see all the adventures you are having with your boys.