Summer Break, take one.

Things have been going really well down here in Portland, what a blessing to have my mother-in-law to give us a hand. Last Tuesday afternoon we headed to the airport to pick Lorraine and it's been nothing but fun ever since.

She was the first of our family, aside from Dust and Lyndz, to meet baby Miles. It was totally different to have her some and meet him in our home rather than at the hospital like it was with AJ. Of course she thought he was perfect and fell in love with him immediately, as we all did!

We spent the week hanging out around the house, snuggling the boys, swimming at the pool, and napping away the afternoons. Sounds relaxing right!?!? Well we also managed to fit in a few trips to the park, walks in the neighbourhood, a morning at Jamison, and a fun filled day at the zoo. BUSY but so much fun. AJ loved spending time with Dad and Grandma instead of just with boring, pregnant mom, lol! He is still getting use to the idea that I am no longer pregnant and Miles is a new and PERMANENT part of our lives.
(Here we are at the Zoo)

Lorraine and Aaron made me pump a few bottles so that they could do some night feedings and I could get a little extra sleep. It's amazing how great a 5 hour stretch of solid sleep can feel when you are use to getting up to fee every 2-3 hours. Anyways I want to send out a thousand thank-you to Lorraine, you are the most amazing mother-in-law that a girl could wish for and if I could I would have you move in with us tomorrow! You were a big help and I hope that you can make it back down in August, WE MISS YOU ALREADY. Thanks again we love you so much!

Our week with Grandma.....

Grandma and AJ at the park take one.....
Take two, Thats better!


MotherBeck said...

I am so glad I got a chance to meet her and hand a little bit. From the short time I was able to be around her I could tell she is an amazing woman. You truly are blessed to have her.

lynz said...

awww - love the one of you snuggling up with your 2 boys! and seriously....miles looks like a whole different person! i can't wait to get back there and give him some snugs of my own :) yay for good mothers in law and yay for school breaks!

Kels said...

i love the picture of you and your boys snuggling on the couch.

Lorraine said...

I sure miss AJ and Miles! (Oh yeah, you and Aaron too!) I had such a great time with you guys - I wished nothing more than holding Miles all day - and I got my wish!
I can't wait until the next time we get together!