Frezzer Jam

After all that work picking berries we took a day off and then set to making our jam. I know that jam can be very time consuming and difficult to make but I just recently found out about a fantastic little thing called, Frezzer Jam.

EASY PEASY! We got together over at Nicoles and made those berries into jam in 30 minutes flat. We had to wait 24 hours before we could test it but I got the Aaron Poytress seal of approval so I'd say it was a success.

Now that we have had some time to recover and forget the struggles of the day we are thinking of going back to get more berrys to frezz, but until then our jam and frozen blueberries will have to keep us going.

Squishing the berries. It was too cold on my fingers to smash then up like that!

Sometimes being a Mom means multi-tasking, Here's Lyndz with a demonstration:

Here's Nicole working away in the kitchen, smart girl to cover her white shirt, I stained my white pants!

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Lorraine said...

How did the jam turn out? How fun to do jobs like making jam together with friends. All you moms are amazing to me with your energy and enthusiasm. I hope your kids and husbands know how lucky they are to have you!