This was not how I planned it!

As most parents out there know, things rarely go the way you plan them to, but I have to say I am pretty good at rolling with the punches. I do my best to plan out dinners, fun daytime activities, girls nights, dates, etc. but if things don't work out I just let it slide. But this week has really thrown me for a loop! (What does that saying even mean? where did it come from!?!?)

Miles and I developed thrush last weekend and have both been pretty miserable ever since. Thrush is a yeast infection passed back and forth between you and your baby while nursing and is fairly painful for everyone involved. The doctor gave me a prescription which cost $25.00 bucks and can take up to 3 weeks to get ride of the problem, BLAH! Good thing for us mothers we share everything because it was only by mentioning this to Nicole that I found out about Gentian Violet, an over-the-counter remedy that takes care of the problem in days. THANKS NICOLE!!!!

Before getting this information our week was hectic! We were getting little to no sleep which makes for a run-down couple. The dishes and laundry were backing up but I just couldn't find the energy to put into my house work. Dinners = Sandwiches/Mac'n'chesse and little Miles was always crying! AJ was less impressed and often ended up in front of the TV while I tried to get things together. Poor kids!

This morning it all came to a head. Miles was a mess, AJ was exhausted from being up all night with the heat and his sad baby brother and what do I decide to do? Potty train. LOL. I took AJ to the potty and told him about pooping in the potty like a big boy and getting treats. Showed him how the pull-ups worked and then he was off to play. I finally got Miles to settle down and what should I find when I go to check on Age but a nice little poop log in the middle of his floor. He was quite excited that he had taken off his pull-up and gone poop but when he saw my face he said, "uh-oh Mom! AJ poo on the floor." Not only was it on his feet and hands but he also informed me, "AJ try it, not like it. Poop make AJ sick." That's right folks, in the mouth!

So I cleaned him up, sent him to play and went back to my screaming baby. That is when Nicole arrived with the world changing news about Gentian Violet. THANKS NICOLE!
My mission for the day was to find and acquire said drug and start using it immediately! Lyndz was nothing but a life saver taking me to three places to get it and offering to take Miles so I could get some rest. It started to help immediately and things are on their way back to normal!

It was a long week. Sure I haven't washed my hair in 5 days, 3 dirty diapers accidental went through the wash, and my son ate cookies for breakfast on more than one occasion but we are all alive and well so I'm still good! Plus our little man learned to hold his head up and roll over. Here is a picture of him enjoying is tummy time with his big brother.

Did I mention Gentian Violet really lives upto it's name by staining everything it touches violet? well there ya go, kinda cute eh!?


Jeff and Amy said...

Lacey, why didn't you tell me things were not going so well?!?! You act like everything is under control and you don't need anything. How about Lyndz takes Miles and I can take AJ for awhile so you can rest - or I can take both boys if you need it. Bring them on over. I'm glad that the Gentian Violet stuff is working for you. Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

Aaron & Lacey said...

lol, I jsut wouldn't be me if I didn't power through it with a smile and happy disposition. I'm not very good at asking for help or even just accepting it for that matter. I am doing good now really, thanks for your concern and offer, I will let you know if I need a hand.

Nicole Wagner said...

both of those cute little monkeys are welcome here ANY TIME!! you know that!
I would have taken AJ yesterday morning but porter was coming to play.
Please tell me you double checked about the GV though? I can't remember how many times I had to use it on erika but I know I just barely coated her tongue.
anyway, you're doing great and we're here to help any way we can. having 2 is sometimes harder than it looks for sure!!


lynz said...

haha - well i'd say that i'd take the boys for you, but i say that every day, and the offer always stands you power through queen :) you are doing a fantabulous job, and your 2 cute little boys are super duper lucky to have you as their mama! love the purple tongue by the way! haha